Customer Support Services

Our goal is to provide a level of support that exceeds industry standards so that you gain maximum benefit from Cincom's software. This page will help you use our Customer Support Services.

What organizations can help me?

Cincom Account Executives

    The Account Executive works at all levels of your organization to understand your business needs, so the proper recommendation of Cincom software and services can be made, if appropriate. The Account Executive is your contact on all sales and overall account-management issues.

    See the list of offices for the phone number of the field office closest to you.

Cincom Systems Consultants

    Customer Service Centers are staffed with Product Support Specialists who are knowledgeable of product externals and internals. Product Support Specialists can help you with:

    • product installation and migration information
    • clarifying product usage
    • product compatibility
    • product problems

How do I request product support?

Customer Service Centers are staffed with Product Support Specialists. Contact the Customer Service Center to clarify product usage, report product problems, or request assistance in using products.

If you have comments on the Cincom Support pages, or if you have questions about support, please contact